The Norman workforce is highly skilled and technically trained.  Norman alone produces superior labor quality which directly correlates to the population’s high level of education.  In fact, 51.9% of the Norman workforce has a bachelor’s degree or better in part due to the presence of a major national research campus, the University of Oklahoma.

To complement the university, the city of Norman is committed to sustaining a proficient workforce to meet the labor demand of progressive businesses by offering various employee training programs as well as incentive programs for quality job creation, which have proved beneficial to employers, the workforce, and the community as a whole.

In addition to the quality of Norman’s resource base, its location on the southern edge of the Oklahoma City Metro area provides a total of 1.2 million residents, which add to the already highly productive workforce.

When comparing wage rates for similar employment positions across the nation, the average hourly wage of the OKC Metro workforce is significantly lower than other areas of the country, indicating a higher level of productivity for every dollar spent on labor.  Thus for an employer, a dollar paid to labor in Norman is worth more than a dollar for labor elsewhere in the nation.

With minimal labor costs, a large volume of available labor, and a high level of productivity generated by educational attainment and employee training programs, Norman is clearly an ideal location for the site selection of any business.

Labor Force Employment Unemployment Unemployment Rate
May 2015 62,123 60,130 1,9933.2%
CLEVELAND COUNTY, OKLabor ForceEmploymentUnemploymentUnemployment Rate
May 2015 140,968 135,970 4,998 3.5%
OKLAHOMA CITY, OK MSALabor ForceEmploymentUnemploymentUnemployment Rate
May 2015 670,269 644,57625,6933.8%