710 Asp Avenue, Norman, OK

Applied Quantum Enovation (AQE)
Research and development in semi conduct or quantum structures and devices such as lasers and photodetercors.

Ascender Commerce
Website design and online marketing. For more information, please visit www.ascendercommerce.com.

Austin GC, LLC
Building of prefab and senior housing. For more information, please visit www.austingc.com.

Centaurus provides Energy Audits for residential and small commercial buildings, and offers a variety of energy efficiency, building health, energy optimization and green building products.

Cherry does marketing consulting and services including e-commerce development mobile advertising platform and social media interaction consulting business. For more information, please visit www.justcherry.co.

Data Expedition, Inc.
Data Expedition, Inc. provides software solutions that actually move data faster through the network.  MTP/IP technology uses unique flow-control and error recovery algorithms to achieve high network efficiency, even under adverse conditions such as congestion, latency, and packet loss. For more information, please visit www.dataexpedition.com.

Fosdick & Hilmer, Inc.
Fosdick and Hilmer is a company that provides professional engineering services in the discipline areas of mechanical, electrical and control systems. Software engineering and IT services are also provided. For more information, please visit www.fosdickandhilmer.com.

Glomics, Inc.
Glomics, Inc. targets global genomics technologies, develops microarray-based technologies, and provides associated services to customers working at a variety of fields involved in microbial functional genomics, community genomics, microbial ecology, environmental microbiology, and geobiochemistry. For more information, please visit www.glomics.com.

IR Power
IR Power is based on unique semiconductor technology for the conversion of heat to electricity.

Just In Time Solutions, Inc.
JTS provides innovative solutions in job performance assessment, compensation, recruiting, learning, human resource management, succession planning & development, workforce planning, workforce analytics, and collaboration and social learning.

McMahon Marketing
McMahon Marketing provides creative services including branding, graphic design, social media, marketing consulting, web development, and copywriting. For more information, please visit www.mcmkt.com.

Mitchell Consulting, Inc.

MCSG provides a full range of mission-critical support services to Department of Defense (DoD), Federal, and State clients. MCSG’s primarily specializes in Information Technology (IT) and Engineering Sector.  For more information, please visit www.mcsgcorp.com.

My I.T. Admin
My I.T. Admin provides information technology management services.  For more information, please visit www.mitadmin.com.

Nanolight, Inc. provides research and develops semiconductor nanofabrication techniques for implementation in cutting-edge infrared laser and detector systems and to assist others in their product development efforts by providing epitaxial-related services and acting as a distributor for nanofabrication equipment.

OK Solutions
OK Solutions provides services for the process industry: instrumentation upgrade, heat integration, water/wastewater management, data processing and risk assessment of projects.

PDS Engineering
PDS Engineering provides affordable quick turn-around design and development for digital electronic systems.  These include embedded real-time systems, measurement, instrumentation, low power, and harsh environment. For more information, please visit www.pdsengr.com.

Prime Architects
Prime Architects is an architectural design firm specializing in the design of government facilities. Prime Architects has completed designs for the US Army Corps of Engineers, the Department of the Air Force and the General Services Administration. For more information, please visit www.prime-arch.com.

Xyant Services
Xyant provides IT integration and platform development. For more information, please visit www.xyant.com.

3209 N Flood Avenue, Norman, OK

KR Technologies
KR Technologies is a medical device development company that designs, patents, and markets medical technologies with the goal of becoming the world leader in advanced catheter locking solutions. For more information, please visit www.kramprelief.com.

Limbs and Dreams 4 Kids
Limbs and Dreams 4 Kids provides prosthetic care for juveniles to return to a productive life.

OMS Technologies, Inc.
OMS Technologies provides software development services and social media management.  For more information, please visit www.omstinc.com.