Site Selection

When selecting a site for relocating your business, consider what makes good business sense.  Norman, Oklahoma derives its value proposition from important factors such as labor quality, cost of living, quality of life, and aggressive business incentives.

Norman’s quality of labor directly correlates to the community’s high level of education. Our workers are very well educated and are always considered the most productive by our local employers.  Fifty one point nine percent (51.9%) of our workforce has a bachelor’s degree or better. Norman’s cost of living index measures 5.6% lower than the national average, which has induced population growth of 19% since the year 2000.  In terms of quality of life, Norman features major college sports, arts, and entertainment, which have contributed to Norman being named by Money Magazine as No. 6 of America’s Best Places to live among small cities and by Forbes Magazine as the 3rd ranked College Sports Town.  Aggressive business incentives benefit employers and employees alike by providing employee training assistance and tax incentives for businesses that create quality jobs.  Norman prides itself on its ability to meet the needs and expectations of both businesses and families by offering such a cost-efficient, healthy way of life.

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