NEDC Testimonials

“The decision to open Agio Technology’s operational headquarters in Norman, Oklahoma was an easy one. From an operational perspective, the professional development training for new employees and cash contributions to newly created gross taxable payroll from the Quality Jobs Program are certainly helpful in keeping operational expenses low. From a resource perspective, our proximity to the University of Oklahoma allows us to draw on a rich talent pool of individuals. From the moment we arrived, the community welcomed us and has been cheering us along. Ultimately that is why we’re here. Excellent customer service is our product and nobody does hospitality quite like Oklahoman’s.”

Bart R. McDonough, CEO, Agio Technology

Norman, Oklahoma has proved to be a highly acclaimed location for doing business. This success is due to the value propositions that bolster this appeal such as a highly-trained and dedicated labor pool, low production costs, and a high quality of life with regard to the low cost of living and central location. These factors engage both employer and employee for a firm considering relocation and they are endorsed by business leaders currently operating in Norman: “NEDC put together a team, who worked with us, to take advantage of the State’s recently approved Pooled Financing Program. The results of this team’s efforts along with NEDC’s leadership was that not only did the plant stay in Norman, the State program provided the investment capital to expand the operation here in Norman and also move the Indiana distribution activity to Norman.”

George Wilson, President, Hitachi Computer Products (America), Inc.

“We evaluated a dozen US urban areas and chose Norman, OK due to its high availability of technically trained resources, central location and ease of doing business.” -Edward Kit, President & CEO, Software Development Technologies “Here in Norman, we have tons of educated workers, we just need jobs. 51.9% of the population in this area has a college degree. We need more high tech industries to locate here and use this resource.”

Karla Marshall, Director of Business and Industry, Moore Norman Technology Center

In addition to the skilled resource base, the satisfaction level and diligence of Norman’s labor supply continually exceeds employer’s expectations: “We have a team environment here with some of the most dedicated employees I have ever seen.” -Bruce Pearson, VP Pharmaceutical Manufacturing, Yamanouchi Pharma Technologies “The people here in Norman have the highest ethics and standards I have ever worked with. They enjoy living here, enjoy being productive, and enjoy the opportunity to contribute to a manufacturing organization like ours.”

Michael Beier, VP Manufacturing Operations, Shaklee Corporation

“The workforce in Norman is highly talented. The fundamental knowledge of the information technology people we find here is higher than anywhere else, even in other countries.” -Sreenivasan Rajappa, President, Xyant Technology The high level of employee satisfaction is also generated by the low cost of living high quality of life, and Norman’s prime central location, which subsequently benefits Norman employers’ production costs: “Low cost of living is by far the biggest advantage of this area. Our dollars go much further here than they would on either coast. It is a personal benefit, but it also gives our company tremendous flexibility.”

Seth Noble, Data Expeditions, Inc.

“This is the one place in the country where you get a lot for your money.”

Michael Beier, VP Manufacturing Operations, Shaklee Corporation

“Cities such as Norman are becoming increasingly popular as businesses recognize that such U.S. locations provide low-cost and more effective solutions for technical projects.”

Edward Kit, President & CEO, Software Development Technologies

“I believe most employees feel they have the best of both worlds working at a high tech facility in a low cost of living area. It is not very common to see this.”

Jim Meyer, Space Imaging

The businesses that have decided to relocate have capitalized on these notable factors of low cost, supreme labor quality justified by the talented resource base, and high level of employee satisfaction due to Norman’s desirable quality of life. From these factors the Norman community derives its highly appealing value proposition to employers who are also interested in relocating for purposes of minimizing costs and maximizing benefits.

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